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Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) manufactures leading-edge motive battery watering solutions and accessories to keep industrial and commercial motive fleets up and running from shift to shift. Hawker offers a variety of BWT solutions in its PowerSeries™ line. Popular battery watering solutions include:

PowerSeries Water Deionizer. Rated first-in-class at removing dissolved impurities found in tap water, the PowerSeries Deionizer is the best bet for extending motive battery life. The Water Deionizer was designed to produce the ideal quality of water for motive battery watering applications and comes with a capacity rating of 1,000 gallons. A quick check monitor tells you when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

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PowerSeries Direct Fill Link. More robust and less cumbersome than traditional watering guns, the Direct Fill Link delivers superior water delivery, efficiency and performance. The flow rate can accommodate even the largest of batteries, but it’s also smart enough to fill each battery precisely. This Link was also designed with safety in mind. There is no lock on the handle, so if the operator walks away, the battery can’t take on more water.

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PowerSeries Electrolyte Level Sensor. Knowing when to water your batteries has never been easier, safer or more accurate, thanks to the smart Electrolyte Level Sensor. The brightest available LED indicator lights solid green if electrolyte level is OK, solid red if watering is needed and flashing red if the battery has been low on water for 10 days or more. No calibration is required.

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PowerSeries Watering System. This feature-rich watering system is the most reliable valve on the market. The fast, easy to use system offers the most accurate solution for delivering water to motive batteries as needed. It’s also versatile, because it can be configured to work with any type of battery layout.

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