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Refurbished Batteries For Sale

Improve warehouse efficiencies with refurbished batteries and chargers for your forklift fleet

Improve warehouse efficiencies with refurbished batteries and chargers for your forklift fleet

In addition to offering the complete line of new HAWKER® forklift batteries through our dealer partners, Texas Motive Solutions also offers a vast inventory of refurbished batteries for sale and rental. Our experienced service technicians refurbish batteries onsite at our Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio locations, proudly giving each viable battery the TLC it needs to perform at optimal levels.

When to consider refurbished batteries for your forklift operation

There are a number of reasons warehouse operators choose to rent or purchase rebuilt batteries for their forklifts. For example, when a warehouse operator is nearing the end of his lease and needs a replacement battery for a few weeks, a short-term battery rental can be a great solution.

Many of the forklift dealers we have partnered with also rent forklifts to customers for temporary use. Renting refurbished forklift batteries from TMS for those applications can be more budget-friendly for customers who would rather pay a monthly rental fee than investing in brand new batteries.

Rebuilt batteries also make sense for warehouse operators who need a few extra batteries when they’re running extra shifts or extra lifts per shift to accommodate increases in demand during busy or peak seasons. Both purchase and rental of refurbished batteries can work well as a smart alternative to a large capital investment for new batteries, when extra batteries are only needed for a short period during the year.

For forklift fleet operators that only use their lifts a few hours a day or week, purchasing a refurbished battery as a back-up is a cost-effective way to ensure peace of mind, should a primary battery fail just when you need it most.

You can also rely on TMS as your go-to resource for refurbished batteries when an emergency or natural disaster like a hurricane strikes. Whether you or a customer has purchased new forklifts and the batteries haven’t arrived yet or extra batteries are needed to accommodate an unexpected increase in demand or emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Forklift Battery Repair

TMS’ refurbished batteries look great and deliver optimal performance

Texas Motive Solutions’ best-in-industry battery service technicians really take pride in their work! That means a battery refurbished by TMS for sale and rent is restored to the highest levels of performance and appearance as possible.

These are not just used forklift batteries. Our team applies the same philosophy to refurbishing batteries for our purchase and rental fleet as we do to the forklift battery repair and reconditioning services we offer for the batteries our customers own.

We see a variety of battery issues in our shop, resulting from improper watering, over-discharging, sulfation, stratification, loose cables, missing parts and the like. If we can restore a battery to 80% capacity or above, that battery will be refurbished, washed, recharged, repainted, battery cells replaced if necessary, and otherwise renewed to bring it back to life.

Batteries that can no longer be restored to 80% of capacity or above are removed from our refurbished battery inventory and recycled according to federal, state and local guidelines.

Old batteries taking up space in your warehouse? Ask about TMS’ complimentary, worry-free scrap disposal service.

Get competitive rates on refurbished battery purchase and rental options at TMS

We maintain a sizeable inventory of refurbished batteries in our fleet for purchase or rent, which includes a large selection of all major sizes and types of motive batteries and chargers. We’ll keep your forklifts up and running if your battery is in the shop or when one unexpectedly goes down and you need a replacement ASAP.

TMS offers a variety of rental and purchase financing options to accommodate your budget. Our competitively priced refurbished battery options include:

  • Seasonal battery rentals.
  • Short-term battery rentals.
  • Long-term battery rentals.
  • Lease to own options.
  • Extended-term rental discounts and more.

We know every warehouse application is unique and forklift and battery demands can change over time. If you’d like to weigh your battery rental and leasing options, just give us a call. Whether you need one or dozens of rebuilt batteries, TMS can help.

Forklift Battery Chargers

Refurbished batteries for sale or rent at Texas Motive Solutions

Wondering what type of refurbished forklift batteries TMS has in stock? Our extensive inventory includes refurbished batteries suitable for almost any warehouse application. We also offer a wide assortment of battery chargers and other related accessories to meet your needs. Whether you need to rent a refurbished battery or two for a short period of time or would like to purchase a few rebuilt batteries to have on hand, we’ve got you covered.

Forklift Battery Chargers

Contact us to find out if refurbished batteries would be a good fit for your warehouse operation

If you have questions about available inventory, which batteries would work best for your application or pricing, our friendly sales and service team is here to help. For additional information on refurbished batteries available from TMS, contact the location nearest you.