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Take a proactive approach to forklift repair and maintenance to protect your bottom line

As a provider of premier forklift battery and charger solutions, Texas Motive Solutions works closely with its forklift dealer network to support customers throughout the life of their forklift fleets. From identifying the best battery-charger combination at inception to analyzing forklift performance issues that arise to preventive maintenance—we collaborate every step of the way.

When a forklift fails or underperforms, the forklift repair service team will consider various factors in order to determine the cause of the issue. If the forklift dealer believes the problem is battery related, they often reach out to TMS for input and support.

Along with reviewing the specific performance issues of concern, the team will consider certain variables and available insight pertaining to the issue, including:

  • Age and condition of the forklift battery.
  • Age and condition of the forklift.
  • How the forklift is used on a daily basis.
  • Whether any worksite incidents or impacts contributed to forklift failure.
  • How well the forklift and batteries have been maintained.
  • Whether the warehouse operation follows proper forklift and battery care and maintenance protocols (required by OSHA and for warranty coverage).
  • Data collected from forklift, battery and charger technology used onsite.

Steps to take when you need forklift service near me

If you are unsure why your forklift isn’t working properly, it’s typically best to reach out to your forklift dealer’s customer support team for forklift repair services and warranty work. Based on your concerns, the dealer can send out a technician to examine your lift and initiate the repair.

Your forklift dealer can handle forklift maintenance and repairs, such as:

  • Major repairs to forklift engines, hydraulics and transmission.
  • Replacement or repair of forklift parts.
  • Replacement of forklift load wheels and drive tires.
  • Warranty work of forklift components.
  • Preventive maintenance, including: Check fluids, chains, batteries, chargers, tires, electrical components, hydraulics, etc.
  • Equipment monitoring and adjustment during forklift break-in periods (adjust chains and speed controls if needed, replace hydraulic fluids, grease and oil).

Should you need forklift maintenance near me, and it’s obvious the forklift’s batteries are to blame—battery won’t hold a charge, visible wear and tear or sulfation of the battery, battery electrolyte overflowed, etc.—TMS is here to help. Customers enrolled in the TMS Preventive Maintenance Program or who use TMS for battery watering services and maintenance can contact us directly for battery-related forklift repair.

As the exclusive sales and service provider of HAWKER forklift batteries and chargers in most of Texas, TMS can address all of your battery-related lift truck repair and maintenance needs. We can determine why your batteries won’t hold a charge or if low battery power is to blame for poor performance of your lift or forklift hydraulics.

Once we pinpoint any forklift battery repair issues, our team can recommend next steps to repair batteries and restore battery power as needed. We can also coordinate battery service and repair with your forklift dealer.

Depending on the type of repair needed, we may be able to fix battery issues onsite. Should you need more intensive forklift battery repair or refurbishing, we can transport the batteries to our shop and provide you with rental batteries to avoid work disruption.

How to avoid unnecessary lift truck repair

Preventing unnecessary forklift repairs is one of the smartest and easiest ways to protect the bottom line of your warehouse operation. To keep your forklift fleet operating safely, ensure maximum productivity and keep repair costs down, consider the following steps.

Step 1: Train employees on proper forklift care and operation.

Not only will training help prevent the need for forklift maintenance, employee training also helps ensure your forklift drivers operate your lifts safely. In addition, the US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all lift truck operators be trained to operate all types of industrial trucks they operate.

Step 2: Require all employees to use a forklift checklist.

Inspecting lifts prior to each shift allows the forklift operator to catch minor issues before they become major, expensive repairs. It’s also important to note that forklift manufacturers typically require warehouse operators to provide copies of daily inspection reports when submitting warranty claims.

OSHA also requires employers to train forklift operators on any vehicle inspection and maintenance the operator will be required to perform. In addition, OSHA requires industrial truck operators to perform daily, pre-shift inspections of the trucks they will be operating. If your operators don’t follow appropriate checklists and an accident occurs, your organization could face hefty fines.

If you don’t currently use a forklift checklist and need one, OSHA does provide general checklists for a variety of industrial trucks. However, it’s a good idea to request a forklift checklist from your forklift dealer as well, because they can provide a checklist with the specific inspection needs for the make and model you operate.

Step 3: Sign up for forklift preventive maintenance programs.

Finding minor repair issues early is the key to avoiding bigger, more costly repairs. Planned forklift maintenance programs are designed to help warehouse operators stay ahead of repairs and keep maintenance costs in check.

Along with the forklift battery Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)  available through TMS, most forklift dealers also offer PMPs that cover maintenance of the forklift itself.

Proper forklift battery maintenance is essential because when batteries are not functioning properly, other forklift components need to work harder. This can result in unnecessary wear and tear on forklift hydraulics, electronic components, chains, bearings, load wheels, drive tires and more.

As they do with forklift checklists, forklift manufacturers also require warehouse operators to document when regular scheduled maintenance has been performed in order to honor warranty claims. With PMPs, your forklift dealer and battery provider can provide the documentation you need to ensure claims are covered.

Step 4: Follow a strict battery watering schedule for lead acid batteries.

If you use lead acid batteries for your electric forklifts, watering batteries regularly is essential for prolonging battery life, ensuring optimum battery performance and minimizing repair costs. Most newer batteries need to be watered once per week, so pick a day to water batteries and stick with it. If your batteries are older—or you use refurbished batteries—you will probably need to water the batteries more frequently. TMS can provide watering guidance and training upon request and also offers watering services to Texas customers in our service areas.

Step 5: Keep warehouse floors clean, level and free of debris.

When it comes to common forklift repairs, load wheels and drive tires frequently top the list. Bumps and debris on warehouse floors, like empty pallets, take a toll on forklift wheels and tires, which often leads to other problems. For example, flat spots on forklift drive tires cause lifts to bounce around, leading to unnecessary wear and tear of batteries, chains, bearings, hydraulics, electronic components and more.

Step 6: Invest in technology to monitor forklift usage.

Forklifts and forklift batteries have definitely gone high-tech. Some forklift manufacturers now offer technological integration that allows forklift fleet managers to monitor both equipment and employees.

For example, you can equip some forklifts with technology that requires operators to complete a pre-shift forklift checklist before the lift will operate. These tools can also monitor lift speeds, show what times the lift was operated and for how long, record when impacts and accidents occurred and much more.

TMS also offers advanced technology from HAWKER® that can analyze and optimize battery performance and charging. Contact our complete forklift repair team to learn more.

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Whether you are an existing customer or have never done business with us before, we welcome you to contact us for assistance pertaining to a battery related forklift repair.

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