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Philadelphia Scientific® specializes in improving the life and performance of industrial batteries and is known as the manufacturer of the world’s fastest battery watering system for applications big and small. Whether you’re operating a single forklift or a massive motive fleet, Philadelphia Scientific® solutions can keep your motive batteries watered and operating at peak performance levels.

Water Injector Classic System™. Around since 1991, the Water Injector Classic System™ is still the fastest, most reliable watering system available, and it’s easy to use. The operator simply turns on the water hose connection, then releases the valve to water the battery in 15 seconds or less.

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Water Injector Spider System™. The Water Injector Spider System™ offers the same speed of fill – 15 seconds or less – and reliability of the Classic System, but is better suited to accommodate applications where single-point watering systems are tough to fit. Since the Spider System offers more flexibility, it’s also a better option when battery size or layout has yet to be determined.

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Stealth Watering System™. Designed for smaller, light-duty applications, the Stealth Watering System™ allows the operator to fill the motive battery in one-tenth the time of hand watering. This system is also safe, easy and cost-effective. Philadelphia Scientific® estimates that a 25-battery application could realize a savings of approximately $7,000 per year compared to hand watering.

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Blinky Family of Battery Watering Monitors™. Philadelphia Scientific®’s Blinky line of battery watering monitors was designed to water batteries on an “as-needed basis.” The monitors eliminate the risk of battery over-watering – which reduces battery capacity over time – and lack of water – which can cause permanent damage to the battery cells. All Blinky monitors also feature the industry’s brightest available LED, so the indicator is easy to see.

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Unmatched Planned Maintenance & Tech Support

Texas Motive Solutions is here to support you. From replacement forklift batteries to repair and watering services, the experienced service team at Texas Motive Solutions can typically get to your site in 24 hours or less.

If you need to schedule planned maintenance, request technical support, place an order or just ask a few questions, we’re happy to help!