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Forklift Batteries for Sale

Power your forklift fleet with HAWKER® superior lead-acid, Thin Plate Pure Lead and lithium batteries

Texas Motive Solutions is proud to offer the full line of HAWKER® lead-acid, Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and lithium-ion electric forklift batteries. As the exclusive HAWKER® sales and service provider in most of Texas, TMS maintains a robust HAWKER® forklift battery inventory at our Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio locations. Whether you’re looking for a forklift battery for sale or rent, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose HAWKER® electric forklift batteries?

HAWKER® innovations deliver the LOWEST total cost of ownership in the market.

HAWKER® is the largest industrial battery brand in the world and for good reason. Not only does HAWKER® manufacture the widest range of lead-acid fork lift batteries available today, the quality and efficiencies of the product line is unmatched in the industry. HAWKER® also offers waterless lead-acid batteries and lithium forklift battery options.

The company is known for its innovative technology, which translates to time and money saved for warehouse operations. For example, HAWKER® innovations deliver the longest electric forklift battery life available today, while other advances allow warehouse managers to improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs and realize the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

One such advance is the Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology available in HAWKER® FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries, which include a thinner grid design composed of high-purity lead. The TPPL technology also delivers access to more available power due to the expanded plate surface area inside the battery.

Some other HAWKER® forklift battery innovations include:

  • First acid recirculation system in the industry.
  • Thickest positive grids in the market.
  • Multi-layer, active material retention system.
  • Superior data-driven technology to monitor power use and throughput in real time.
  • And much more!

HAWKER® also prides itself on providing environmentally conscious motive power solutions. The company takes a cradle to grave approach to manufacturing and recycling forklift batteries. HAWKER® also offers environment friendly forklift battery options, including the Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery and lithium-ion options.

What type of lift trucks and electric vehicles can HAWKER® industrial batteries power?

HAWKER® motive batteries were designed to suit most any motive power application. The manufacturer’s lead-acid and lithium forklift batteries can be used to power:

  • Electric forklifts.
  • Walkie riders.
  • Sit down riders.
  • Pallet trucks.
  • Turret trucks.
  • Stand up trucks with counter balance and reach.
  • Floor sweepers and scrubbers.
  • Order pickers.
  • Warehouse tugs and material carts.
  • Burden carriers and more.

Which forklift battery and charger set-up is the best option for my application?

It all depends on your goals. HAWKER® manufactures the widest variety of batteries for forklifts because every application is unique. Forklift battery sizes, features and run times vary because a low-utilization, one-shift lift truck operation doesn’t require the same power as a multi-truck, 24/7/365 application. Forklift battery charger set-ups also vary depending on the application.

In other words, when it comes to the electric forklift battery, you’re not looking at a one-size-fits-all solution. How do you know which batteries to purchase or lease? Contact Texas Motive Solutions to schedule a complimentary forklift fleet power analysis to determine which batteries, forklift battery charging stations and chargers would best meet your needs.

How do electric battery powered forklifts compare to propane powered forklifts?

Electric lift fleet operators pay less for energy, maintenance, insurance and HVAC costs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

If you currently power your forklifts with propane, we encourage you to consider converting to electric forklifts instead. Electric lifts cost considerably less to operate and are safer for employees and the environment.

When you convert your propane powered lifts to electric batteries for forklift power, the savings can really add up. Not only will you pay considerably less for electricity than propane, maintenance costs tend to be quite a bit lower for electric powered lifts.

In addition, most warehouse operators can expect to pay less in insurance with electric applications by removing dangerous, flammable gas from their sites. Plus, many warehouse managers find they pay lower HVAC costs, since they don’t need to utilize extra ventilation to remove hazardous propane fumes and exhaust.

Eliminating propane also allows you to significantly reduce carbon emissions because electric batteries provide a much cleaner source of power. TMS can even precisely calculate what your carbon footprint reduction will look like if you convert from propane to electric batteries for forklift power. We can also show you how much money your operation could save by converting.

The bottom line? Converting from propane (or diesel, gas or fuel cell) could save your organization thousands of dollars each year.

Schedule a complimentary analysis of your forklift fleet today!

We’ll show you how much money your company could save and what reduction in carbon emissions you could expect by converting from propane to electric battery power. Contact us to learn more.

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Electric forklift battery FAQs:

What if we want to water our own forklift batteries, can TMS show us how?

Absolutely! We understand it makes sense for some warehouse operators to utilize employees to handle battery for forklift watering duties. TMS customers can contact us to schedule complimentary employee training sessions as needed.

Can improper watering turn into a safety hazard in warehouses?

Yes! When acid gets trapped in the battery plates, you can’t maintain appropriate fluid levels. Eventually the fluid overflows, and acid spills on the batteries and floor. When employees water batteries improperly, they can get acid on themselves, which could cause dangerous acid burns.

What happens if you don’t water forklift batteries properly?

Any deviation from the recommended battery watering schedule can result in overflow or lack of fluid, either of which can damage forklift batteries and lead to unnecessary repair or replacement costs. Unfortunately, it’s rare that warehouse operators do a good job handling their own forklift electric battery watering.

What are common safety issues associated with a forklift charging station?

Several safety issues exist that can be easily managed when you set up the forklift charging station properly and employees are trained to handle batteries and chargers safely. Some forklift charging best practices include:

  • Require battery room attendants to always wear proper PPE—including gloves, aprons and eye protection—while watering batteries to avoid contact with battery electrolyte.
  • Keep open flames and sparks away from batteries during charging, as batteries produce combustible hydrogen gas during the gassing phase of battery charging.
  • Make sure all battery and charger cables are clean and undamaged because old, cut or damaged cables can cause shorts and potentially produce an electrocution hazard.
  • Properly mount chargers up off the floor to prevent forklifts from running into them and causing potential electrocution hazards.

TMS can guide you on best practices for setting up a battery charging area and train employees on safety protocols. We’re also happy to install the equipment and accessories necessary to help ensure your space for charging forklift battery inventory is safe.

How do I know if my forklift application is a good candidate for opportunity charging, rapid charging or IONIC charging?

Every application is unique, which is why TMS recommends performing a thorough evaluation of each customer’s forklift utilization. During our analysis, we evaluate available idle times, based on the time the application allows for charging and how many hours the lifts run per day. This insight dictates which charger technology best suits the specific application and helps us formulate the optimum solution for the customer.

Why choose Texas Motive Solutions as your forklift battery provider?

TMS is committed to finding the most efficient and economical forklift battery solutions for Texas forklift fleet operations. By performing a complimentary forklift fleet power analysis, we’re able to pinpoint operational inefficiencies and identify the best solutions and a forklift batter price to meet each customer’s needs.

Through our partnership with HAWKER®, we also offer the widest variety of forklift battery options in the market and the lowest total cost of ownership available. Our experienced and responsive sales and service team is here to serve you! To learn more, contact the TMS location nearest you today.

Unmatched Planned Maintenance & Tech Support

Texas Motive Solutions is here to support you. From replacement forklift batteries to repair and watering services, the experienced service team at Texas Motive Solutions can typically get to your site in 24 hours or less.

If you need to schedule planned maintenance, request technical support, place an order or just ask a few questions, we’re happy to help!