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If you manage a battery charging environment where motive chargers are difficult to access, mounted out of reach or in a position where it’s hard to determine which unit is charging which battery, the HAWKER® High-Frequency Charger Remote Device makes forklift battery charging easier and saves you time. The HAWKER® High-Frequency Charger Remote also makes it simple to determine which charger is connected to a specific battery.

The HAWKER® High-Frequency Charger Remote conveniently plugs into the charger chassis and comes with a variety of handy features, including:

  • Stop/Start and Equalizer buttons.
  • Charging and Complete indicator lights.
  • Three mounting options: mounting brackets, magnetic strips or Velcro® strips.
  • A standard 15-foot cable, with optional lengths up to 100 feet for an additional cost.
  • Compatible with HAWKER® LIFESPEED® MOD3, LIFEPLUS®MOD3, PTO™ MOD3, LIFESPEED® (Includes Adapter Board), LIFEPLUS® TC3, LIFEPLUS®TC3-W, LIFETECH™ and  POWERTECH™ chargers.
  • Dimensions are 4-5/8 inches tall by 2-3/4 inches wide by 1 inch deep.

Remote Installation Kits are available. *Please note that the HAWKER® High-Frequency Charger Remote Device must be ordered as

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