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Advanced Forklift Battery Charger Technology

Optimize the efficiencies of your forklift fleet with HAWKER’s innovative forklift charger solutions

When it comes to forklift battery chargers, one charger does NOT fit all applications. In fact, selecting the right forklift chargers is even more important than the type of forklift battery you choose. Not sure which forklift charger and battery set-up makes the most sense for you? The team at Texas Motive Solutions is here to help.

With decades of experience in the forklift charger and battery space, our team has helped thousands of customers optimize efficiencies in their warehouse operations. We’re also happy to perform a complimentary analysis of your application to pinpoint the best forklift battery charger solution for your needs.

By properly analyzing and understanding the specific demands of the application, we can recommend the right technology to meet your daily charge requirements. Whether you run a single shift requiring a standard 8-hour charge profile or two-shifts that need an opportunity charge set-up, we’ve got you covered.

Operating a three-shift application that utilizes forklifts 21 hours per day with only 3 hours of intermittent charge time? No problem! TMS also offers the heaviest duty rapid charge set-up available in the industry.

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Why choose HAWKER® electric forklift charger solutions?

A premier manufacturer of batteries and chargers for forklifts, HAWKER® leads the industry with its innovative charger solutions. Over the years, the company has developed and patented numerous technological advances that distinguish HAWKER® forklift battery chargers from the competition.

Most important, HAWKER’s charging technology allows warehouse managers to maximize the efficiencies of their forklift fleets, invest in fewer batteries and minimize downtime.

For example, HAWKER’s patented Ionic charge profile is the only charge profile on the market that actively monitors a battery’s performance throughout the charge cycle and makes adjustments based on data received. This results in a superior charge, which delivers the highest specific gravity return of any charger in the industry.

Warehouse operators who require a rapid charging solution at their forklift charging station can benefit from the patented AccelRate® charge profile available in HAWKER’s LIFESPEED® MOD3 rapid chargers. The AccelRate profile inserts discharge cycles at precise intervals to dissipate ion build-up on the battery plates, thus reducing the internal resistance of the battery. This results in a higher rate of charge for a longer period of time without excessively raising the battery’s temperature. Consequently, LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers can charge lead acid batteries faster than any rapid charger on the market.

Of course, TMS also offers standard charge profile electric forklift chargers from HAWKER®. Standard chargers work great for meeting the charging needs of basic, every day forklift operations.

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Forklift battery charger FAQs:

What are common safety issues associated with a forklift charging station?

Several safety issues exist that can be easily managed when you set up the forklift charging station properly and employees are trained to handle batteries and chargers safely. Some forklift charging best practices include:

  • Require battery room attendants to always wear proper PPE—including gloves, aprons and eye protection—while watering batteries to avoid contact with battery electrolyte.
  • Keep open flames and sparks away from batteries during charging, as batteries produce combustible hydrogen gas during the gassing phase of battery charging.
  • Make sure all battery and charger cables are clean and undamaged because old, cut or damaged cables can cause shorts and potentially produce an electrocution hazard.
  • Properly mount chargers up off the floor to prevent forklifts from running into them and causing potential electrocution hazards.

TMS can guide you on best practices for setting up a battery charging area and train employees on safety protocols. We’re also happy to install the equipment and accessories necessary to help ensure your space for charging forklift battery inventory is safe.

How do I know if my forklift application is a good candidate for opportunity charging, rapid charging or IONIC charging?

Every application is unique, which is why TMS recommends performing a thorough evaluation of each customer’s forklift utilization. During our analysis, we evaluate available idle times, based on the time the application allows for charging and how many hours the lifts run per day. This insight dictates which charger technology best suits the specific application and helps us formulate the optimum solution for the customer.

What does a forklift battery charger cost?

Based on your charging needs and the size of the battery, proper forklift battery chargers can range in price between $500 and $10,000. Seeking the guidance of an expert to help you pick the most economical charge solution for your application is a very important step.

Have questions about forklift battery charger options in Texas?

Our friendly sales and service team is here to help! At TMS, we proudly serve as the exclusive supplier of HAWKER® forklift chargers and batteries for most of Texas and welcome the opportunity to serve you. To speak with a member of our team, contact the TMS location nearest you today.

Unmatched Planned Maintenance & Tech Support

Texas Motive Solutions is here to support you. From replacement forklift batteries to repair and watering services, the experienced service team at Texas Motive Solutions can typically get to your site in 24 hours or less.

If you need to schedule planned maintenance, request technical support, place an order or just ask a few questions, we’re happy to help!