Charger Stands

If you need a charger stand for your HAWKER® LIFEPLUS®MOD3, LIFESPEED® MOD3 or PTO™ MOD3 chargers, you have come to the right place. HAWKER® charger stands protect your charger in the workplace environment because they are designed to withstand the abuse that comes with steady use. HAWKER® charger stands feature:

  • Heavy-duty steel to resist the minor impacts of daily use.
  • Powder-coated construction to protect from scratches and acid.
  • Wall- or floor-mount stands that are easily mounted with standard hardware (floor hardware not included).
  • Your choice of color options, choose either yellow or black.

HAWKER® charger stand options include:

  • 3-bay, 3-high charger stand.
  • 12-bay floor charger stand.
  • Back-to-back, 3-bay, pole charger stand.
  • Back-to-back, 6-bay, pole charger stand.
  • Side-by-side, 3-bay, pole charger stand.

HAWKER® charger stands also help your organization remain OSHA compliant because regulations require that every “charging apparatus” is “protected from damage by trucks.” Protect your chargers, keep your charging areas neat and organized and have easy access to all charging cables with these HAWKER® charger stands.

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