Repair and Refurbish Services

Optimize the life of your forklift fleet, batteries and chargers with best-in-class service and repair

When a forklift breaks down or isn’t performing optimally, that slowdown can have a direct impact on your warehouse operation’s bottom line. Lift performance issues may be caused by battery issues, employees using lifts improperly or normal wear and tear. Partnering with a reliable forklift battery service provider and reputable forklift dealer for technical support can help minimize headaches and repair costs.

At Texas Motive Solutions, we offer comprehensive forklift battery and charger repair and refurbishment services throughout the state of Texas. Whether you require onsite battery repair for basic issues or need to have several batteries cleaned and refurbished, we can help. TMS also offers high-quality, refurbished forklift batteries for sale and rent.

In addition, TMS works closely with top forklift dealers in Texas to provide stem to stern repair and refurbish services for forklifts along with forklift batteries, chargers and accessories. If you need repair services for your forklift fleet, we can help! To learn more about repair and refurbishment services from TMS, visit the pages below.

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Forklift Battery Repair

Learn more about the forklift battery repair services available through TMS, how our repair and reconditioning process works, what to do with scrap batteries and more. Visit Forklift Battery Repair page.

Forklift Repair

Learn how TMS and Texas forklift dealers work together to resolve forklift performance and repair issues, what to do when you need forklift service and six important steps you can take to avoid unnecessary lift truck repairs. Visit Forklift Repair page.

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Forklift Battery Repair Refurbished Texas Motive Solutions

Refurbished Batteries

Find out if refurbished forklift batteries would make sense for your warehouse application, how the TMS battery refurbishing process works and what TMS can do to support your power needs with electric forklift batteries for sale and rent. Visit Refurbished Batteries page.

Need to schedule service for your forklifts, batteries or chargers?

Contact TMS to find out how we can help or to schedule forklift battery and charger service today. We have experienced service technicians located throughout the state of Texas and look forward to serving you. Contact the location nearest you to learn more.