HawkerNet™ is a cloud-based battery management tool that keeps motive fleet operators wirelessly connected to their motive batteries 24/7. Data is easy to access via a secure login on both web and mobile browsers. In addition, the HawkerNet™ data analytics and interactive display are customized to each application based on the information the tool collects and interprets.

The easy-to-understand charts and graphs empower users to make better decisions about their battery fleet. The unique “Battery Maintenance Report Card” in the HawkerNETTM dashboard helps customers take a proactive approach to maintain their batteries. Also, users are automatically alerted by email or text.

HawkerNet™ battery management tool benefits:

  • Fast and easy to install. It takes as little as an hour to set up the system and begin gathering data.
  • Flexible. HawkerNet™ offers multiple ways to connect to the internet and is designed to work with existing forklift and battery fleets.
  • Scalable. The system’s Gateway comes with two serial busses, which can each accommodate up to 10 Battery Boss™ WC (BBWC) adaptors.
  • Intelligent. The tool provides data-driven insight for two key considerations: utilization (how efficiently the battery fleet is being handled) and battery health (how well batteries are being maintained).
    • Utilization. HawkerNetTM collects and compiles fleet management data and looks at the most efficient use of batteries and vehicle pools for optimal battery utilization.
    • Battery health. HawkerNetTM helps users properly maintain equipment to prolong battery life and ensure warranty coverage by providing proactive notification of performance characteristics.
  • Enhances efficiencies. HawkerNet™ provides measurable data that enables fleet managers to better direct operations, thereby boosting productivity.

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