Accessories FAQs


What are the benefits of a Battery Boss Wireless Control (BBWC)?

The BBWC collects data and communicates with the charger. The device pulls data on voltage, amperage in and out of the battery, temperature and fluid levels, and it can also detect cell imbalances. The BBWC also monitors equalizations, quality of charging, energy throughput (consumption of power) and more.

Why do I need a single point watering system (SPWS)?

The SPWS is much like the sprinkler system you use for your yard. It’s a watering system that distributes the proper amount of fluid into each of the batteries individual cells, without having to manage each cell individually. With the SPWS, an assembly of valves and injectors are installed on the battery to assist with fluid level management. Typically, using an SPWS will eliminate the need to pull batteries out of forklifts on a weekly schedule.