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How efficient is your warehouse forklift fleet operation?

Find out with a Complimentary Forklift Fleet Performance Analysis from TMS!

At TMS, we work closely with our customers to ensure they purchase the right motive battery and forklift battery charger solutions from day one. In order to accomplish that goal, we dedicate time to learning about the inner workings of the client’s warehouse operation and perform a non-invasive, Power Study to analyze forklift fleet and motive battery performance.

This complimentary service is critical because it allows us to find out:

  • Where operational efficiencies could be improved.
  • What power requirements your operation really needs.
  • What type of forklift batteries and chargers would work best in your application.
  • How best to optimize the performance of your forklift fleet.

The HAWKER® HawkerNet™ cloud-based battery management technology we use allows us to analyze battery performance in real time. This tool is also easy to use and non-invasive, so your forklift drivers won’t even know it’s there. Because the Power Study data is so precise, we can propose a solution tailored to you needs, which means you won’t waste money on batteries and chargers you don’t need.

Again, we aim to get the right equipment into your facility from the outset. When your power requirements change or equipment is aging out, we’re happy to come in and perform another Power Study at no cost to you.