Superior Lithium Power with Innovative, Flexible Features

HAWKER®—the world’s largest industrial battery provider—designed the battery with safety, performance and flexibility in mind. Suitable for most applications, the HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) is ideal for warehouse operators who need an opportunity or fast-charging solution for their electric forklift fleets.

It’s offered in multiple sizes and configurations and integrated with innovative battery management technology to deliver intelligent flexible power that is not only reliable but increases productivity and profitability across lift truck operations.

The HAWKER® FLEX® Li³’s superior lithium technology created by HAWKER® maximizes electric forklift battery performance and profitability. These innovative lithium batteries also include an intelligent battery management system developed with stringent safety standards, along with features that prevent over-discharging, provide high reliability and more.

Warehouse managers can feel confident in their employees’ ability to use FLEX® Li3  lithium-ion forklift batteries safely and efficiently, as the battery has earned critical industry safety certifications.  The FLEX® Li3 has obtained UL 2580 Listing, which applies to batteries used in electric vehicles like forklifts. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is the premier safety certification company in the world.

In addition, the FLEX® Li3 was also designed to incorporate the Automotive/Rigorous Functional Safety standard  ISO 26262—deeming HAWKER® the first battery manufacturer in the world to meet the ISO 26262 compliance standard in the material handling industry.

HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ lithium-ion forklift battery benefits include:

  • Modular design, adjustable for changing needs.Available in multiple sizes and configurations, The HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ lithium-ion battery system can be modified as your warehouse operation grows and evolves.
  • Durable construction designed to last and protect your investment.The HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ features laser welded cells, reliable large format prismatic cell technology and high volts per cell delivered by nickel manganese cobalt chemistry. Lithium technology by HAWKER® employs the highest quality of cells, which eliminates the need for active balancing required by other manufacturers.
  • Long cycle life to minimize downtime. HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ batteries deliver consistent power for hours, so operators waste less time recharging batteries and more time completing required tasks. The system employs a modular concept, enabling scalability for additional capacity. Identical modules are used in both motive and reserve applications, so at the end of motive life, modules may be re-purposed as reserve power.
  • Advanced safety features to protect employees and the workplace. The HAWKER® FLEX® Li³ meets both CE and UL standards, including UL 2580 and EN1175:2020. In addition, HAWKER® designed the battery’s innovative battery management system based on the Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262:2011, and the HAWKER® FLEX®Li³ meets Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIIL C). The Battery Management System is designed using stringent automotive functional safety standard to protect your system from over discharging and provide control for additional performance benefits.
  • Minimal maintenance (no watering) to further improve efficiencies. Lithium-ion batteries don’t require watering, which saves time and money. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance provided by TMS helps keep equipment performing at optimum levels through the life of the batteries.

Unmatched Planned Maintenance & Tech Support

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