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The Ultimate Power Source

Hawker’s ENERGY-PLUS battery is high-energy, heavy-duty battery designed to operate in the most demanding environments. If you’re looking to reduce change-outs, need batteries that last an entire shift and want to reduce operating costs, consider ENERGY-PLUSTM.

Unlike other high-energy batteries, ENERGY-PLUS batteries were designed to maintain a proper balance of active material and electrolyte. Hawker also employed a unique, multi-plate design to deliver more active material and power without increasing tray size.

The ENERGY-PLUS battery is suitable for high-demand forklift applications, such as, long runs, high lifts and set-ups where additional power is needed to accommodate attachments on the units.

ENERGY-PLUS battery benefits include:

  • Up to 20% more energy. ENERGY-PLUS batteries provide more active power without an increase in battery size.
  • Longer battery life. ENERGY-PLUS maintains an estimated cycle life of 1,500-2,000 cycles, based on one cycle per day and 80% DoD.
  • Extended work cycles. With a higher sustained voltage than any other battery in the motive industry, your motive fleet moves faster, works longer without recharging and experiences less motor wear due to unnecessary amp draw.
  • Reduced operating costs. ENERGY-PLUS batteries are economical due to an extended running time, fewer change-outs and a reduction in total ownership costs, since fewer batteries and chargers need to be purchased and maintained.

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