The Power of Productivity & Plug-and-Play Power

The HAWKER® FLEX® and FLEXPAK® motive rechargeable batteries are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications such as multi-shift environments, production areas, retail, membership warehouses and more.

Available in 2 volt cells or monoblocs, FLEX® batteries provide flexibility in challenging environments where it’s difficult to water, clean and change batteries or get a full recharge daily. In fact, FLEX® batteries require only one full charge and equalization per week. The FLEXPAK® batteries also include an on-board charger, suitable for light-duty applications.

Powered by Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries utilize a thinner grid design composed of high-purity lead. The TPPL technology also provides access to more available power due to the increased plate surface area inside the battery.

FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries also offer a superior alternative to lead acid batteries that are prohibited from use in some applications. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries deliver optimized cycling performance and rapid recharging capabilities that conventional lead acid batteries simply can’t match.

FLEX® and FLEXPAK® battery benefits:

  • Maintenance-free. No watering, corrosion or battery changing required. Plus stratification issues are virtually eliminated.
  • Fast and convenient. FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries can be used and recharged – quickly – when it’s convenient for the employee – at the end of a shift or during a lunch break. Recharge 40-80% state of charge in 35 minutes for monoblocs and one hour for 2 volt cells.
  • Powerful. FLEX® and FLEXPAK® TPPL batteries deliver high-energy throughput – up to 180% of C6 per 24 hours for monoblocs and 160% for 2 volt cells.
  • Environment-friendly. Rechargeable and 99% recyclable, FLEX® and FLEXPAK® sealed batteries produce minimal gassing, so they are ideal for small shops, sensitive manufacturing spaces and public environments.
  • Economical. Maintenance-free, rechargeable and long-lasting, FLEX® and FLEXPAK® batteries ultimately lower operating costs.

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