The Rugged, Full-Shift Power Source

With its Powerline® lead-acid battery, HAWKER® manufactures the most dependable motive battery in the industry. Built to last, Powerline® batteries keep you up and running all day and are suitable for a variety of applications, including sit-down rider forklifts, walkies and narrow aisle lift trucks.

To fully appreciate the quality, superior performance and durability of Powerline® batteries, take a closer look at the Powerline®’s design and construction. Features include:

  • Thickest positive grid in the industry. The Powerline®’s super durable grids are matched to optimize current distribution through the grid network.
  • Densest positive paste available anywhere. The heart and soul of the Powerline®, the grid’s plate is pasted with the most active material in the motive industry.
  • Proprietary POWERPLUS™ formation system. To ensure that every cell receives a uniform, temperature-controlled acid bath, HAWKER® created its revolutionary acid recirculation and two-shot forming process.
  • Multi-layer retention system. Active materials are safely contained by a vertical wrap, horizontal wrap, Koroseal jacket and sleeved separator, which are all encased in a bottom boot. In addition, wrapped plates are sleeved in a durable, microporous plastic material.

Powerline® battery benefits include:

  • Minimal downtime. The Powerline® delivers long battery life, due to the positive grid’s tough, thick construction, which reduces corrosion and generates cooler battery operating temperatures.
  • Long-life operation. Thanks to its dense positive pasted plate, Powerline® lead-acid batteries keep running with uninterruped power, even under deep cycling.
  • Few to no battery failures. The battery’s sleeved separators in the multi-layer retention system eliminate failures due to separator misalignment.
  • Reduced operating costs. By reducing downtime, extending battery life and eliminating battery failures, your operation remains up and running indefinitely.

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