Patented LIFEPLUS® MOD3 chargers—the result of more than 30 years of high-frequency, smart charging experience—are the smartest and most energy-efficient chargers in the business. The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charger offers five different charge profile options for operational flexibility: IONIC, cold storage, ENVIROLINK, TPPL and opportunity charging. The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 charger series provides peak efficiency and non-stop power while reducing charging costs, water consumption, and maintenance and repair costs.


  • Automatic battery diagnosis.
  • Automatic equalization charge day and time of day.
  • Condition charge (programmable DoD).
  • De-sulphation charge.
  • Built-in anti-arc protection.
  • IONIC smart charge profile.
  • Opportunity charge profile.
  • High temperature charge interruption with Battery Boss WCT M.
  • Automatic temperature adjustment with Battery Boss WCTM.
  • Programmable delay start, either period of time after plugged-in or specific time of day.
  • Block-out timer to avoid peak demand.

Wireless communication between charger and battery via Battery Boss WCTM.

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