As our most advanced modular charger, the LIFESPEED® MOD3 represents the latest innovation in high-frequency, switch-mode, smart chargers. LIFESPEED® MOD3 modules are the most flexible in the industry, operating as a fast, IONIC or opportunity charger. The LIFESPEED® MOD3 charger series delivers optimum charging, peak efficiency and non-stop power while reducing charging costs and energy demands.

LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers utilize patented AccelRate® technology to create a unique charge algorithm. When combined with the exceptional efficiency and power factor of high-frequency, switch-mode technology, batteries recharge 3-5 times faster than conventional units. Coupled with the wireless Battery Boss WCTM, this patented charge algorithm enables LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers to automatically adapt to battery voltage, AH capacity and state of charge. This provides a 100% ampere-hour return from an 80% DoD in just 2-3 hours while avoiding excessive heat generation.

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