If end of the year budgeting for your warehouse operation has you scratching your head, Texas Motive Solutions is here to help.

We want to help you get the right forklift equipment and service (forklift battery reconditioning, refurbishment and repair) for your operation’s unique needs.

This complimentary service is critical because it allows us to find out:

  • Where operational efficiencies could be improved.
  • What power requirements your operation really needs.
  • What type of forklift batteries and chargers would work best in your application.
  • How best to optimize the performance of your forklift fleet.

Because the data collected is so precise, we can propose a solution tailored to you needs, whether that means forklift battery repair, reconditioning or replacement. TMS does it all!

When it comes to forklift battery performance, we’ve got the best technology in the industry to discreetly cull data about your forklift fleet’s performance, including:

  • Battery age, type and serial number.
  • Number of cycles.
  • Total discharge and rest times.
  • Instances of abnormal operating temperatures.
  • Electrolyte levels and more.

Our non-invasive technology from Hawker Powersource extracts data in real time and your lift drivers won’t even know the device is there. At TMS, we’re also all ears when it comes to learning about your warehouse operation’s challenges and goals.