Used Chargers and Forklift Batteries

Used Batteries for Fork Lift

Electric forklifts are the engines that drive most warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Without them, many operations would grind to a halt. When researching ways to power these essential machines, purchasing new batteries and chargers is typically the most economical and effective decision. However, for short-term jobs and other specialized procedures, used forklift batteries and chargers may be an ideal solution.

There are three aspects that will help you decide whether to purchase or rent used chargers or batteries or new ones: the condition of the equipment, how it is to be used and its price.


Whether you’re looking for a used battery for sale or rent, one of the most important aspects of a refurbished battery or charger is its condition.

Even the best-maintained forklift batteries see a lot of wear and tear. Fortunately, forklift batteries are built to withstand harsh conditions and environments.

However, some owners do not treat their batteries so kindly. Often used batteries have lingering issues due to improper watering, over-discharging, sulfation, stratification, loose cables, missing parts and more. When looking to purchase or rent used chargers and forklift batteries, always review the seller’s refurbishment policy and procedures.

For example, at Texas Motive Solutions, the refurbished batteries that we offer for purchase or rent undergo the same professional forklift battery repair and reconditioning services that we provide our customers. We start by ensuring that a battery can be restored to 80% capacity or higher. Once we are satisfied with the battery’s quality, it is refurbished, washed, recharged and repainted, bringing it back to life. We even replace the battery’s cells, if necessary.

Any battery that cannot be restored to at least 80% capacity is recycled according to federal, state and local guidelines. We also offer this complimentary, worry-free scrap disposal service to our customers.

How the equipment will be used

For most operations, buying a new forklift battery is the most cost-effective choice. That’s because new batteries have a significantly longer lifespan compared to used ones. New batteries also come with manufacturer warranties, which may not be the case with used fork lift batteries. 

However, there are times when renting or purchasing used forklift batteries is a more economical choice. For example, when a warehouse operator is nearing the end of a lease, they may need a replacement battery for a few weeks, and a short-term battery rental is frequently a smart solution. Also, dealers who rent forklifts to customers often rent refurbished forklift batteries, which can be more budget-friendly than investing in new batteries. Typically, the battery chargers used in these instances are also previously owned.

The refurbished battery you choose depends entirely on your forklift model. The most common types are a 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt forklift battery.

12 volt forklift battery

A 12v forklift battery is generally used for light-duty electric pallet jacks and smaller forklifts. Due to its smaller size and capacity, a 12 volt forklift battery, either new or used, is typically less expensive than larger models.

24 volt forklift battery

A24v forklift battery is typically used for light to moderate industrial trucks, such as reach trucks, pallet jacks and smaller forklifts. These batteries provide enough power for medium-duty operations.

48 volt forklift battery

A 48v forklift battery is designed for larger forklifts and demanding environments. These high-capacity batteries allow for longer operations and the ability to handle intensive workloads. These generally offer a longer lifespan than their lower-voltage counterparts.

Battery forklift price

The price of used forklift batteries varies based on voltage and capacity. Once you’ve verified the condition of the battery and are sure it fits your needs, then you need to decide if you’ll get the most value from the used item based on its price. Consider:

  • The cost of a refurbished battery compared to a new battery.
  • The amount of time you need to use the refurbished battery and whether a new battery is a better choice.

Whether you need a warranty, if the refurbished battery comes with a warranty and how it compares with a new battery’s warranty.

Used Chargers

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of a forklift battery charger because it plays an integral role in maintaining the life and performance of a battery. Used forklift battery chargers can be a cost-effective solution if you are sure you can rely on them. When considering renting or purchasing a used battery charger, consider:

  • Condition: Review the refurbishment policy of the company selling the charger and personally inspect it for signs of wear and tear or damage.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the refurbished charger is compatible with the voltage and type of battery you use.
  • Performance: Check the charger’s performance history, if available.

Considerations when buying used equipment

To make an informed purchase, consider these factors when buying used forklift batteries and chargers.

The most crucial step when renting or purchasing used forklift batteries or chargers is to evaluate the seller’s reputation. A reputable seller will provide detailed, transparent information about the equipment they offer.

There are also some performance tests that can help verify the condition of used batteries and chargers:

  • Load tests measure the battery’s ability to hold and deliver a charge under typical operating conditions, providing a clear indication of its health and remaining lifespan.
  • Charger functionality tests check their ability to deliver correct voltage and current, as well as verify that their built-in safety features function appropriately.
  • It is also advisable to review maintenance records (if they are available) and conduct visual inspections looking for signs of wear, corrosion, damage or modifications that might affect performance.

The most effective way to determine which batteries are best for you, whether new or refurbished, is to take advantage of Texas Motive Solutions’ non-invasive Power Study. This complimentary service allows us to find out:

  • The power requirements your operation really needs.
  • How to improve operational efficiencies for optimal battery utilization.
  • The forklift batteries and chargers that will work best in your application.
  • How to best optimize the performance of your forklift fleet to prolong battery life and ensure warranty coverage.

Our goal is to get the right equipment into your facility, and our precise Power Study helps us create solutions tailored to your needs. To learn more about our complimentary forklift fleet performance analysis and for all your forklift repair, battery and accessory needs, please call us at (888) 316-2459 or fill out this form to learn about our services and discover everything that Texas Motive Solutions can do for you.