At Texas Motive Solutions, we approach service differently. From the outset, we invested heavily in building an experienced team that would be robust enough to quickly meet the technical support and maintenance needs of our customers.

Rapid Response

From day one, our entire team committed to shaking things up in our industry. This is especially true when it comes to prompt service, which has been an issue in the motive industry. Look to us to raise the bar HIGH when it comes to rapid response.

Service First

Our service-first mission ascribes to a customized service solutions philosophy. We know every customer runs a one-of-a-kind operation with unique goals, so we customize the service solutions we provide to meet those needs.

Return on Investment

In line with our motive battery and charger product solutions, our primary service goal is to optimize your return on investment. You can count on Texas Motive Solutions to provide cost-effective, customized solutions that save you money.


The right planned maintenance program can help eliminate downtime, extend the life of your motive battery and charger equipment and reduce operational costs. If you’re looking for a service provider that can keep your motive fleet on the move, Texas Motive Solutions is here to help!

Our seasoned sales and tech support consultants can create a planned maintenance program tailored to the specific needs of your operation. We listen first, then analyze your motive operation before recommending a customized maintenance solution. That’s right, you won’t find cookie cutter maintenance plans here.

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At Texas Motive Solutions, we designed our tech support program to reduce the need to perform repairs offsite. That means our technicians typically have the tools, parts and equipment necessary to resolve issues under your roof – not ours – in order to save you time and money.

In addition, if you need motive battery or charger service pronto, whether it’s day or night, our experienced motive technicians are standing by. Once our service tech arrives at your site, he will assess the situation and explain what options are available to you, before taking corrective action.

You can also count on our tech support team to go the extra yard during a visit. If they find that your operation could benefit from a different type of motive battery, charger or long-term maintenance solution, they will let you know.

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Call our Tech Support Hotline at (888) 316-2459.


It’s never been so easy to be green!

Whether your motive fleet is big or small, at some point, you will need to manage the storage and disposal of scrap batteries. When contemplating what to do with your scrap batteries, have you ever wondered:

  • How do we dispose of motive batteries in an environment-friendly fashion?
  • Are those old scrap batteries in the warehouse posing a health risk to employees?
  • Are we violating any government regulations by storing scrap batteries on our property – or tossing them in the dumpster?
  • What paperwork do we need to fill out to ensure our battery disposal program complies with government regulations?
  • How can I possibly find time in my schedule to deal with that big old pile of scrap batteries?

We can help! Texas Motive Solutions is happy to remove and recycle scrap batteries for you, and here’s why:
We are strongly committed to doing our part to protect this beautiful planet for our children and yours – and scrap batteries piling up in landfills doesn’t sit well with us. Improper disposal of scrap batteries also doesn’t sit well with the government bodies that regulate hazardous materials.

With Texas Motive Solutions, environment-friendly scrap battery removal and disposal is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Give us a call at 817-476-0956 or email us at to get a quote on the valuation of your scrap batteries.


Contact us to schedule a time to remove the spent batteries from your premises. We’ll even handle the paperwork for you.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safer planet and one less thing to worry about.

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