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The Hawker SEQUENCERTM charger control unit expands high-frequency charging by allowing you to charge up to four batteries in sequence with a single charger. Easy to set up and activate, the SEQUENCER operates automatically, with no input or supervision required. Once connected, the Sequencer controls the charger and designates which batteries are charged and ready to use.


Key Hawker motive battery charger SEQUENCER features include:

  • Intelligent microprocessor that automatically determines the order in which each battery should be recharged and/or equalized.
  • LED/LCD display that shows four stages of battery status (on charge, charge complete, available to use and waiting to be charged).
  • Override switches to manually stop charging or disable batteries from the SEQUENCER.
  • Programmable real-time clock to customize charge times.
  • Real time battery condition data available.
  • 4-port (for four batteries) and 2-port (for two batteries) options.


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