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Proper battery rotation is essential when it comes to managing a motive battery fleet. Hawker’s BSS-40CTM operates on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system that’s easy to use, capable of handling multiple inputs (up to 160 total) and up to 10 families. It can also monitor up to five different battery pools, so you can keep track of multiple fleets with one system.

The BSS-40C attaches directly to the charger, where it gathers a host of information, which can be easily accessed through the accompanying software program. Compatible with Hawker’s LIFEPLUS® TC3, LIFEPLUS® TC3-W, POWERTECH™, LIFETECH™, LIFETECH™ MOD1, LIFETECH™ MOD1C, LIFEPLUS® MOD3 and LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers, the BSS-40C also comes with plenty of helpful features. Highlights include:

  • “Pooled” design enables batteries to be charged when chargers become available.
  • Scrolling LED display that relays which charger’s battery is fully charged.
  • External alarm that sounds when the wrong battery has been removed.
  • A variety of reports pertaining to misuse, utilization and availability, to help improve motive battery fleet management.
  • Works with Hawker’s Watering System Interface (WSI).
  • USB port that enables operators to download data with ease (additional software required).


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